Companies no longer can sit on the fence

Neil Persaud
4 min readJul 11, 2020

“Nice to Haves”

In the past, diversity and inclusion along with taking care of your employees have been a nice to have. While many companies around the world have a well-defined corporate culture and value system, how many of them follow through on their care and concern for their employees’ safety, well-being, and equal treatment?

This year businesses around the world have been turned upside down. With the global pandemic bearing down and the proliferation of social injustice, companies now have realized that their current policies and viewpoints alone no longer meet the needs of their employees and frankly, their customers either.

Employees want to know — what are they doing about it? There is no greater time in history than now for employers to take action, to take a stand on diversity and inclusion at the workplace as well as looking after their employees’ well-being.

Converting “Nice to Haves” into Implementable Solutions

1. Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)

Diversity and inclusion are comprised of an organization’s corporate culture, mission, values, and strategies to support a diverse workplace, the effects of which offer the company a competitive advantage over others. Below are steps that companies can take today to ensure diversity and inclusion is happening in the workplace.

a. Start from the top. Hire leaders that reflect a diverse group. Hiring the best talent is still the way to go, but companies need to ensure that they are proactively looking for a diverse leadership team.

b. Take a stance. When social injustice rears its ugly head, at a minimum, companies need to proactively talk to their employees about it and take a position. Being silent and “letting it be” is no longer a safe bet. If the proper management team is in place, this step will naturally flow from the top.

c. Around the clock. D&I initiatives are not only implemented when something cruel or egregious occurs. Diversity and Inclusion must be a part of the company’s culture, occurring 365 days per year and without hesitation.

2. Caring for your employees

Neil Persaud

Co-Founder of LiveMore. Author of “Managing Across Cultures”